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nSite Labor Management Software

Ordinary Activities Turn Into
Extraordinary Results with nSITE

By providing accurate visibility into labor productivity at a micro-level, nSITE LMS empowers nGROUP to effectively analyze, plan, and manage your workforce, thereby converting actionable and reliable data into process efficiences, quality throughput and lower labor costs.

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nSITE Labor Management Software is a crucial tool in delivering operational cost improvement, while reducing your risks related to labor. nSITE not only tracks and reports the details of productivity, it also acts as the accountability glue of a winning partnership.

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For the companies that we serve, our system tracks and reports the cost reduction and increased productivity results on a granular level. From every shift, every individual, and every process that affects productivity, we capture measurements, monitor progress, and motivate workers. Consequentially, we are then able to replace or retrain any person or process that prevents the success that we guarantee.

> For The Workers
For workers, our system provides detailed measurements of individual productivity - providing workers with industry standards to which they are expected to meet or exceed. These industry standards are provided for every single task that affects productivity levels. These standards are readily visible in the system and routinely accessed by supervisors working the floor.

At nGROUP, we realize that labor management is part science, part art. The "art" is the knowledge of what makes people tick. The science is capturing useful and relevant data, analyzing the data, and implementing processes that produce results. By capturing production data on an individual basis, nGROUP is able to motivate workers to meet or exceed standards. The same granular data allows nGROUP to implement effective incentive pay programs.

> For nGROUP
The nGROUP partnership solution achieves extraordinary levels of cost improvement because all parties trust the integrity of the numbers, and are confident making decisions from the numbers. This new software system tracks performance to the promised improvements from the Engineering Study. There are no gray areas. Everyone is accountable, and everyone knows what they need to do to achieve the expected service guarantees. Trust, integrity, credibility, personal and corporate accountability - these are the foundations of an outstanding and lasting partnership solution.

Capturing Accurate Data

"The two major culprits of inaccurate labor reporting involve the lack of effective tools and technology and the other is deliberate data manipulation . . . .

To get the most out of your system, it needs to
take into account the interactions between activities
and it needs to accurately measure the TRUE
cost of labor."

-David Hair
President and CEO

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