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nSite Labor Management Software

Ordinary Activities Turn Into
Extraordinary Results with nSITE

By providing accurate visibility into labor productivity at a micro-level, nSITE LMS empowers nGROUP to effectively analyze, plan, and manage your workforce, thereby converting actionable and reliable data into process efficiences, quality throughput and lower labor costs.

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Data Analysis

At nGROUP, we consider ourselves, above all, coaches. We are coaches of operational process, labor efficiency, and motivators of people. And like all great coaches, we don't just keep score, we keep detailed stats.

As legendary Coach John Wooden famously said, "It's the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen."

nSITE LMS Reporting

It is through the necessity of tracking and acting upon details, that we developed nSITE Labor Management System. Though nSITE is simply a tool of our performance partnership, it is an absolutely necessary component of our guaranteed results.

While nSITE is a customizable web-based program, we begin with a dashboard that provides data capturing and reporting solutions that are universal to any labor intensive operation. Some of the basic features include:

> Automated Time Tracking
We streamline and manage your timekeeping process, thereby eliminating time-clocking mistakes before they become a costly problem.

> Operational Visibility
nGROUP developed nSITE in order to gain visibility into cost and productivity. Such visibility means tracking the production standards of each task, shift, and individual. If standards are not being met, we instantly know who we need to coach and where there is opportunity.

> Incentive Tracking
Based on predetermined incentive based programs, we utilze nSITE LMS to track and reward workers who have exceeded their productions standards. The flexibility of nSITE allows us to configure incentive programs based on your set of standards and rules.





We believe that reports should be used to monitor and adjust activity - not just provide a historical perspective on what happened or didn't happen.  By assessing individual activity, nGROUP coaches are able to use productivity reports to coach and motivate workers. nSITE does more than keep time, it keeps and reports on individual performance. Thereby allowing for halftime adjustments and a winning strategy.

nSITE LMS Reporting

The Importance of Accurate
Labor Production Reports

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