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nSite Labor Management Software

Ordinary Activities Turn Into
Extraordinary Results with nSITE

By providing accurate visibility into labor productivity at a micro-level, nSITE LMS empowers nGROUP to effectively analyze, plan, and manage your workforce, thereby converting actionable and reliable data into process efficiences, quality throughput and lower labor costs.

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Labor Solutions

nSITE Labor Management Software (LMS) is a proprietary, web-based software solution developed by nGROUP Performance Partners. After ten years of building labor management programs for clients throughout the US, nGROUP engineers turned their efforts to developing a program that could facilitate the fundamental needs of any labor intensive operation, while mainintaining the flexibility to capture data that is unique to a specific company, site, or function.

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Operational nSITE

Production managers and executives are certainly willing to make adjustments to their process and staff if they know the adjustments will increase productivity and reduce labor costs. Often times, the challenge is acquiring actionable intelligence. nSITE LMS provides granular insight into what takes place on a production floor or warehouse. The data from nSITE empowers nGROUP to monitor progress and take action - making adjustments that make a difference.

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Productivity Reports

In order for data to be useful, it must be shared and acted upon. From production workers, operational managers, and upper level executives, nSITE LMS provides comprehensive reporting on all facets that affect productivity and operational costs. More importantly, predetermined standards are input into the system, providing an instant snapshot of whether standards and goals are being met. These metrics provide crucial accountability data.

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